Thursday, January 28, 2016

Drawing from Observation

Downtown Hometown - 9x12 - Charcoal - January 2016

Even though I had to withdraw from my class this semester, I'm having fun reading the text for Drawing 1 - "Drawing from Observation - an Introduction to Perceptual Drawing" by Brian Curtis.   Learning to use compressed charcoal is a challenge.   I'm doing my best to work standing and altering my position at the easel and how I hold the charcoal stick.   It's easy to reserve your approach to a pencil like practice...practice ....practice.    Looking forward to better weather so I can get outside and draw.   This morning I practiced lines, curves, zip zags, etc at different pressure.   Trying to understand and feel what the charcoal will do for me.   Did this sketch in my 9x12 sketchbook with compressed charcoal from a photo of my hometown - downtown street.

Also looking forward to a class at the State Botanical Gardens in Athens from O C Carlisle, a Scientific Illustrator.    The class is Saturdays in February.   Not to late to sign up.    I'm looking forward to the drawing but will also use this as the last elective on my Native Plant Certification.

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