Saturday, January 30, 2016

Using Masking Fluid on Watercolor

Forrest - 5x7 - Watercolor - January 2016
Over the last couple of years I've used masking fluid on watercolor paintings but mostly in workshops.   Today I decided to try it out for trees.    It really gives you more freedom to wash in the colors and build a couple of layers.    I think I'll try it on a structure next.   The soft lines around a structure have always been a goal but I think I can achieve that effect by using water to soften the lines.  

Usually I set aside a brush for masking fluid because the fluid will ruin the brush.   Today, however I saw a great tip online.  Coat your brush with liquid detergent.  Coat the brush all the way up to the metal to provide a good barrier.   Then wipe off the excess.   You can then dip your brush in the masking fluid and apply.    No need to keep a separate brush because the brush will be protected by the liquid detergent and will clean up easily.

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