Friday, January 15, 2016

Positive - Negative Observation Drawing

Positive Negative - 18x24 - Observation Drawing - January 2016
I thought the stacked chairs were a challenge but the positive negative space was a crazy challenge.   The items were hung from the front wall of the studio and included a drape, teddy bear, hat, plant, chair, stool, mannequin, lower mannequin and crutch.     In the beginning I figured out I was to low on the page but decided to continue since the object of the exercise was to do observation drawing.    I felt taking a photo and sketching it was like "cheating".   Photos can be gray scale to help with seeing shapes and shadows.    Anyway, I'm glad I stuck with it.   It really challenged your eye to look at what was there.   Except for a stool leg angle the negative drawing was pretty right on!    Go figure what you can do it you try.    I'm anxious to look at some techniques on shading and using charcoal.   I experimented with the softer and harder charcoal pencils and also the compressed charcoal.

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