Saturday, January 30, 2016

Watercolor Journal

Violets - 5x3.5 - Watercolor - January 2016

I've been hooked on watercolor and charcoal lately.   Today is a watercolor day!!   I have been cutting down my 140# cold press into small 5x7 to practice.   Today while I was watching a watercolor video on You Tube, I pulled out a 3.5x7, #50 sketch pad.   It was perfect to take some notes and to practice some of the strokes, techniques, etc.   I may look for a heavier paper but this works great and I have all my practice in one spot.   It's already easy to know, what videos I've watched and follow my progress as I try different techniques.   It's also inspired me to pick up some watercolor paper note cards and start doing some original cards.   They only take a few minutes for a simple one and it's a nice touch that makes the card more personal.

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