Saturday, January 30, 2016

Watercolor 101 - Beginning Again

Experimentation - 5x7 - Watercolor - January 2016

When I first started to paint in 2010, I signed up for a watercolor class.   The instructor got sick and I had to look for another opportunity.    I selected a pastel class and enjoyed learning to paint with pastel.   I've experimented along the way with acrylic, oil, watercolor and charcoal, but I never got back to watercolor.    When you only paint in a medium occasionally, you never feel competent.

 Lately I've been mostly working with charcoal because I was taking a drawing class.   Recently I rearranged my office to become my art studio.   Like many artist I'm sure, I found all kinds of art supplies when I started cleaning out my closet and all the nooks and crannies that I've stashed supplies over the last few years.    I got out my watercolor and started looking at some You Tube videos and just fell in love again with watercolor.   I'll continue to do the pastel but it's been fun to experiment with watercolor and to begin to learn what you can do with a brush, some water, paper and paint.   I love it when there are no plans, no commitments, no disruptions and you can just quietly work in the art studio all day.   I think I could become a hermit and just hide away for weeks doing nothing but painting.   For me it was a new beginning.....exploring watercolor.

Practice Watercolor Sketches - January 2016

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